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Sucker Punch
Age 20s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Light brown
Eyes Brown
Species Human
Title Dancer
Relatives Unknown
Status Deceased
Actor Jamie Chung

Amber is a main character. Amber is the pilot of the group in the fantasy realm. In the brothel world, she is a dancer who does not possess a whole lot of confidence, but she is much more empathetic than the other girls. She is a capable fighter and has rescued the girls more than once. Unfortunately, Amber is shot and killed by Blue during his rant on the bond that he and the girls of the brothel share. Amber is the second casualty of the group.


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Amber, the fierce pilot of Babydoll's team of fantasy warriors, can do some serious damage to foes when she's behind the stick. Whether she's in a helicopter or a giant suit of mechanized armor, Amber can - and will - level any enemy in her path. Amber is the sweetest of all the girls as she felt "sorry" for Babydoll when they first met in the dance studio at Lennox House. This leads to the other girls saying, "You feel sorry for everyone Amber; no one felt sorry for you." In the brothel world, she is easily intimidated, but nonetheless quick to agree to Babydoll's escape plan.

Physical appearance

Amber is displayed as an Asian female in her early 20s. In Babydoll's dream world, she always has a Lollipop in her mouth . If someone makes her drop her lollipop (like when her bunny mech was hit), she will become very angry.

Relationships And Family

It is unknown if Amber has any living relations.


Blondie and Amber do not interact often, however, Blondie is instrumental in bolstering Amber's confidence when she is called upon to steal the Mayor's lighter. Blondie coaches Amber in distracting him with a kiss on the neck while slipping her hand into his breast pocket where the lighter is kept.

Sweet Pea

Amber, like the other girls, looks up to Sweet Pea and values her as their leader.


Rocket and Amber haven't had any conversations throught the film, but it can be assumed that they value each other as friends and fellow warriors. Amber is so stunned with horror at Rocket's death that she is unable to move, even when Blue yells at her.


Amber feels a great deal of empathy for Babydoll ever since she arrived at the mental house. It is because of this that the two become fast friends. It's best seen when the two hug after Amber steals the mayor's lighter.

Madam Gorski

Vera shows horror and motherly love for Amber when Blue kills Amber in front of her in the dressing room.


Amber's outfit

Amber'screenworn outfit.

Amber's costume fits into the World War I-era and features an army green jacket with matching chaps, cutouts, and zipper details, along with her ever present lollipop.

Fighting Style

As the flight pilot specialist, Amber is able to use high-tech weapons and is usually air-born, and has most likley never used hand-to-hand combat. Amber used her pistol only once, to fight off an orc that was trying to get into the the cockpit of the B-25 during the dragon-fighting scene.

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Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Amber Featurette (Jamie Chung)

Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Amber Featurette (Jamie Chung)

Amber's Trailer

Film Portrayal

Amber is played by Jamie Chung.