As a pilot, Amber was never fully armed; however, she does have three vehicles for the purposes of transport and support detail with her comrades.

Bunny MechEdit

  • This is Amber's first machine; it is equipped with an M134 Minigun on its right arm and an Auto Cannon on its left. This first machine was used throughout the World War I fantasy realm, where the girls had to intercept a map from a Courier. The mech also had a platform atop of its "head" where her comrades to stand and provide additional firepower when needed.
  • The mech is painted with the image of a pink cartoon bunny (artwork by Alex Pardee) that resembles the stuffed animal carried by Babydoll's little sister. The left shoulder is painted with an image of cherries and the right shoulder has a stylized skull wearing a bow. The right side of the mech's head bears the number 5.

B-25 MitchellEdit

  • Amber pilots a B-25 Mitchell plane in the third tier of the fantasy realm. Blondie remains on board to help her while Babydoll, Rocket and Sweet Pea went in to accomplish the mission. The plane is armed with a .50cal Browning M2HB behind the right-side wing and a .30cal Browning M1919A4 at its tail; both are operated by Blondie during aerial combat against the orcs and the mother dragon. Additionally, the plane has 4 machine guns and 2 miniguns at the nose, operated by Amber. It is unclear what caliber the nose guns are.
  • The B-25 is powered by a propeller engine on the left side, but a modern jet engine on the right side.
  • The nose of the plane bears an image of Babydoll astride a bomb with the motto "Strap On" underneath it. There is also a yellow number 5 on the left rear fuselage. The image of a skull wearing a bow is painted between the side door and the pilot's door. 

Glock 17Edit

  • Amber's only weapon is a single pistol, being a Glock 17. Throughout the whole movie, she draws and fires it only once: when an orc lands at the plane's cockpit, Amber draws her pistol and fires it on the orc to get it off the plane before it could do any further harm/damage.

UH-1 "Huey" HelicopterEdit

  • Amber pilots a helicopter during the girls' fourth and final voyage to the fantasy realm. The situation is similar to the previous one with the only difference being that Blondie wasn't present at all. The helicopter served a dual purpose much like the plane did: once the girls were on board the train, they had to disarm a bomb, unhook it from the floor and haul it out. The mission goes horribly wrong when one of the mechanized gunmen wasn't completely neutralized, thereby allowing it to get the girls away from the bomb and overide the disarming sequence. At the same time that occured, Rocket was knocked to a wall and her Jet pack was damaged. Upon which, she remained on board with the bomb and was killed when the bomb detonated and destroyed the city it was sent toward; all her comrades could do was look on in sorrow as their friend/sister was killed in the explosion.
  • The helicopter is armed with two rocket-powered missiles on each side.
  • The huey is nicknamed "Cherry Bomb," in stylized writing with the image of a cherry with its stem turned into a fuse. The pilot's name, "Amber" is written over the cockpit door.
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