The Baby Dragon sleeping in its nest

The Baby Dragon was an integral part to Babydoll and the girls' quest for fire as part of her escape plan.

Movie StoryEdit

In the brothel reality, Babydoll told the other girls that her escape plan needed Fire, so they plotted to steal a lighter from the Mayor. As Babydoll danced onstage, Amber sat on the distracted Mayor's lap and palmed his trademark gold-plated lighter, which was embossed with the image of a dragon.

In another dream level, the girls found themselves aboard a modified B-25 bomber, circling high above an orc castle. The Wise Man gave them their orders: infiltrate the castle, locate the nest of the Baby Dragon and kill it:

"You'll have to slit its throat," the Wise Man said. "Down inside its neck are two crystals that, when struck together, produce the most magnificent light you'll ever see."

Babydoll, Rocket and Sweet Pea accomplished their mission and retreived the fire crystals from the Baby Dragon but,  unfortunately, they woke the Mother Dragon...

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