Babydoll's Sister
Name Unknown
Age 12
Birthplace Unknown; presumed Brattleboro, Vermont
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown
Species Human
Title Sister
Relatives Babydoll (Sister)
Status Deceased
Actor Frederique De Raucourt

Babydoll's Sister is a minor character in Sucker Punch. She is only seen at the beginning of the movie and has no dialogue— however, her influence on Babydoll is felt throughout the film.


After the death of the girls' mother, Babydoll and her sister attend the funeral, where she throws a red rose onto her mother’s grave just before her Stepfather covers it with dirt. After returning home, she falls asleep in her bed while Babydoll rests by her side. After Baby leaves the room, their Stepfather, angered after discovering their Mother's will leaves her estate solely to her daughters, gets drunk and attacks Babydoll, who reacts by scratching his face. Enraged, he locks Babydoll in her room and enters her little sister's room.

Before her Stepfather can do any harm, the girl grabs his keys and locks herself in a small closet. He repeatedly beats on the door, finally getting impatient and kicking it in. Meanwhile, Baby climbs out of her bedroom window to re-enter the house from the front and grabs her Stepfather’s gun. Baby aims the gun at her Stepfather and fires. The bullet grazes his arm, shatters a lightbulb, ricochets off a radiator, and fatally strikes her sister.

Babydoll runs to her younger sibling and realizes the bleeding girl is dead. Blaming her Stepfather, Baby aims at him again. He frantically dials the police, but freezes and cowers from her. Luckily for him, Babydoll is so distraught that she drops the gun and runs away.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Babydoll's sister is very petite. She has dark hair, like her mother.



Stepfather seems to have had a very rocky relationship with his youngest stepdaughter, as evidenced by his willingness to take out his rage on her. He also appears completely unmoved by her death.


Babydoll treasured her sister, perhaps more than her own life. Babydoll climbed out her second-floor window at night in the rain to save her sister and was willing to shoot their Stepfather to protect her and then avenge her. Babydoll is also very affectionate with her sister, as when she sat at her bedside and kissed her goodnight. After Babydoll is committed, her sister's death gives her incentive to escape Lennox House.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Babydoll's sister is played by Frederique De Raucourt.

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