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Blondie is a main character in Sucker Punch.



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Blondie is the "tough girl" of the group, projecting confidence and looking at the others with an air of suspicion. In the brothel fantasy, she is slower than the other girls to warm up to newcomer Babydoll, snidely remarking that "She's no virgin," and dissing the more emotional Amber for feeling sympathy for the new girl. Still, once Babydoll pitched her escape plan, Blondie quickly signed aboard, accompanying the girls on two missions and proving herself a formidable fighter.

However, despite her tough shell, Blondie proved to be the weak link in the group, cracking under the pressure of keeping the secret of the escape plan from Blue's questioning. She tried to open up to Madam Gorski, but Blue interrupts and gets her to tell him everything. As Blue threatened Gorski in the dressing room with a gun to her throat, Blondie lost it, bursting into tears and confessing that she was only trying to help by revealing their secret. Blue executed Amber in front of the other girls, and then shot the blubbering Blondie for being a snitch.[1]


Despite her name, Blondie has long, curly black hair. Blondie is also one of the more curvaceous of the girls, but still a toned professional dancer.


Blondie may not have any living family, though she treats the other girls like sisters.


Blondie and Amber have a close relationship. It was Blondie who helped bolster Amber's courage when she had to steal the lighter from the despicable Mayor. But Blondie can be snippy, as when she told the overly empathetic Amber, "Nobody felt sorry for you."

Sweet Pea

Blondie, like the other girls, looks up to Sweet Pea as the oldest and de facto leader.


Even though Rocket and Blondie are never seen having any real conversations, it can be assumed they value each other, since Blondie has accepted her as friend.


She is wary of Babydoll from the start, but comes to accept her as the ringleader of the escape plan and helps her, fighting alongside the other girls.

Madam Gorski

Blondie trusts Madam Gorski -- since she decides to open up to her dance teacher about the stress of the escape plan. In return, Gorski exhibits motherly love toward Blondie when she finds the girl crying in the dance studio outside her office, and again when Blondie and Amber are killed.


Blondie's screenworn outfit.

Blondie, like the others, wears dance rehearsal clothes around the brothel, including a leotard, tights and a sweater. When going into battle she favors leather and corsets. Blondie's costume fits into a steampunk design, featuring a black bodysuit with plunging neckline and zip front closure, faux leather brown glovelettes with long fringe detail and faux leather belt with matching fringe. She keeps her long hair piled high on her head, adorned with a set of goggles she never wears over her eyes.


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Fighting Style

Despite her courageous façade, Blondie’s underlying fears and insecurities motivate her every move, prompting her to plunge headlong into battle. She is the rugged individualist. Whether she’s using a tomahawk or a heavy machine gun, Blondie frequently goes it alone in combat.





Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Blondie Featurette (Vanessa Hudgens)

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