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Blue Jones is the main antagonist of Sucker Punch. Within the Lennox House, he appears as an orderly in charge of main operations and basic registration of girls, while within Babydoll’s fantasies he appears as a mobster who owns and operates the brothel.


In the real world Blue took a bribe from Babydoll's stepfather to have her lobotomized in five days’ time when the Doctor would come in order to relieve her of any memories pertaining to the murder of her sister and her mother’s fortune. In those 5 days Babydoll attempted to escape the Lennox House.

Blue, from the girl’s point of view, was seen as a threat. He believed he held the power within the brothel. He was shown exerting his power over both Dr. Gorski and the girls. After observing the girls changing behaviors as a result of Babydoll's presence, Blue began to become suspicious of the activities of the girls, and ultimately overheard Blondie talking about the girls' plan to escape. As a result, he directly confronted them and shot both Amber and Blondie dead. In a fit of lust, Blue tried to feel the pleasure he grants his clients by attempting to rape Babydoll, claiming he didn’t want anybody to play with his "toys," however, Babydoll overpowered him, stabbing him with the knife that was collected from the Cook, claiming that he would never have her.

Back at the asylum, after Babydoll was lobotomized, it was revealed that Blue had faked Dr. Gorski’s signature on the medical forms that authorized the lobotomy. As a way of getting revenge upon Babydoll for being stabbed, Blue once again attempted to advance on her, but this time he softly complained that she had lost herself, and that she wasn't allowed to lose herself until he said so. He even released a tear because Baby was unable to resist. He kissed her, but she didn't fight or struggle. To get a result of his frustration, Blue began to strangle Babydoll, however before he could do any real harm police officers, led by Dr. Gorski, arrested him for forgery. As he was being taken away, the clearly insane Blue yelled about the money Babydoll's stepfather gave him and claimed he protected his girls, nothing was done to Babydoll, and claimed he would tell the officers everything.[1]


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Physical appearance[]

In reality, Blue was dressed in the fashion of an orderly which consists of scrubs with the possibly white loafers and a white coat. In the brothel dream, he sports a moustache and tends to wear fancy suits both on and off stage. At the end, he's shown without his orderly coat and with a bandage where Babydoll stabbed him, with an obvious bloodstain on his t-shirt.

On two occasions, he was shown to wear glasses: first at the beginning of the movie, when he and Babydoll's stepfather conspire, and again when he examined the map and corkboard in his office after one of the girls used his photocopier to duplicate his map of the Lennox House.


Blue is one of the most unbalanced people at Lennox House. He feels the need to be in control of situations and people at all times — yet he is unable to control himself: He is calm and smiling one moment, then yelling and violent the next. He frightens all the girls — even Dr. Gorski. He is scary enough that even his co-conspirators (including CJ and Danforth) fear disobeying him. He is selfish, narcissistic, cruel, and threatening. He is also violent as he kills Blondie and Amber by shooting them, much to Dr. Gorski’s horror.


There are strong indications that Blue has raped most of the women in Lennox House, including Dr. Vera Gorski.

There are some hints that he had a crush on Babydoll. We can notice that in the way he talks to her and how he treats her as special. At the end of the film we can say that he's obsessed with Babydoll.



  • After Blue kills Amber and Blondie with the gun he gets from CJ, he mutters that he doesn't like guns.
  • He is the main antagonist in the film.
  • He appears to be in his thirties.


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