Stealing a powerful explosive device from a moving train was the objective of Babydoll's fourth and final fantasy sequence, which ran in parallel with the girls' bid to steal a knife from Cook as part of Babydoll's escape plan.  The bomb was also crucial to the short film "Distant Planet."

Movie StoryEdit

A bomb of unspecified but immense power was loaded aboard a train bound for an unspecified but highly populated metropolis on an unnamed planet. Babydoll, Sweet Pea and Rocket were charged by the Wise Man with deactivating and stealing the bomb, code-named "Kitchen Knife." However, the explosive was guarded by scores of Robots with orders to protect the bomb at any cost. 

The girls were given the code for disarming the device, and after doing their best to destroy all the robots, Babydoll deactivated the bomb. But one robot remained partially active and managed to reset the bomb. With no recourse, the girls aborted the mission, however, Rocket was left behind after her Jet pack was damaged. She perished when the bomb detonated within the city limits.

In the real world, Rocket was stabbed to death by the Cook, who discovered the girls' plot to steal one of his knives.

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