CJ as an orderly (top) and Blue's henchman in the brothel.

In the real world, CJ is an orderly at Lennox House, but in the brothel reality, CJ is the brooding, quiet, right-hand man to operator/pimp Blue Jones

Movie StoryEdit

CJ does not speak in the brothel reality, preferring to quietly do whatever Blue orders him to do, which is mostly physically hold back unruly new girl Babydoll and her friends. He is teamed with Danforth.

After Rocket is accidentally killed by The Cook, Blue orders, "Get her up, CJ!" and then CJ pulls the grieving Sweet Pea away from her dead sister and holds her steady so Blue can yell at her and blame her for Rocket's death.

CJ is the one who spots the fire Babydoll and Sweet Pea set in the janitor's closet as part of their escape plan; he sounds the alarm and uses a fire extinguisher to fight the flames.

Later, back in reality, CJ (along with Danforth) initially balks at placing the lobotomized Babydoll in a chair so Blue can abuse her — but eventually he does as ordered.


  • CJ works for Blue in both the real world and the brothel world.
  • In the brothel, CJ is teamed with Danforth, but this is less clear in the real world, where they both work at Lennox House, but apparently at different jobs.


Nothing is known about CJ's back-story.


As an orderly, CJ wears a grungy white uniform. In the brothel reality, he wears finer clothes — a suit and tie.


CJ briefly holds Blue's gun after he shoots Amber and Blondie dead, but otherwise he is not seen handling any weapons. Presumably his strength is all he needs to wrangle the girls.


Actor PortrayalEdit

CJ is played by Richard Cetrone, who also portrays the Colonel.

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