In the World War I reality, the German Mechanized Soldiers are commanded by a Colonel whose face is horribly disfigured by burns.

Movie StoryEdit

In the brothel reality, Babydoll and Sweet Pea conspire to steal a map of Lennox House from Blue Jones' office as part of their escape plan by having Babydoll entrance him with her dance while Sweet Pea sneaks into his office.

In the World War I realitythe Wise Man orders Babydoll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber to retrieve a map from the German bunker before a courier can carry it away. Amber pilots a mini meka while the other girls make their way through No Man's Land to the German trenches.

Babydoll finds her way into the command bunker with the Colonel and the Courier, but is cut off from the others. Babydoll fights off many steam-powered zombie soldiers until the Colonel stuns her by knocking her into the main support pillar. The Courier flees with the map just as the pillar gies way and the bunker collapses.

After Babydoll retrieves the map from the Courier, the Colonel suddenly reappears, ordering her to hand it over or die. Suddenly, the meka arrives, crushing the Colonel and his men.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Colonel's face is disfigured by burns that cover his entire head.

The Colonel's look was accomplished with makeup appliances that incorporated silicone pieces with translucent paint effects and custom hairpieces, all created by Quantum Creation.[1]

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Colonel is played by Richard Cetrone, who also plays CJ in the brothel reality and an orderly in the real world.

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