The Courier was assigned to carry a map from the Colonel's bunker to the German high command in Sucker Punch.

Movie StoryEdit

In the World War I reality, the Wise Man ordered Babydoll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber to steal a map showing Allied positions from a German bunker before it could be sent to headquarters.

Babydoll infiltrated the bunker and neutralized the Courier by pinning him to a wall with her katana. However, while she battled the Colonel, the Courier freed himself and fled with the map. Babydoll gave chase. As the Courier attempted to board a zeppelin and escape, Babydoll shot down the aircraft and captured the Courier, who surrendered the map to her.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Courier was played by Damon Caro, who also served as fight choreographer and stunt coordinator on Sucker Punch.

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