Danforth appears in the real world and the brothel dream world in Sucker Punch.

Movie StoryEdit

In the real world, Danforth appears to be a maintenance worker or janitor at Lennox House. When Babydoll is first introduced to the "Theater," Danforth can be seen in the background coiling rope (or perhaps wiring). Danforth still defers to head orderly Blue Jones, even if he doesn't work directly under him. 

In the brothel, Danforth is an unspeaking henchman teamed with CJ , and they both take orders from Blue.

Late in the film, after Babydoll has been lobotomized, Danforth is the forst to expresses reluctance to continue helping Blue abuse the girls. Nevertheless, he obeys Blue's orders and puts Babydoll in the chair so she can be molested.


  • In the real world, Danforth wears a blue uniform that is very different from the orderlies' grungy white outfits.
  • In the brothel, Danforth wears slick suits.


Danforth is never seen to brandish any weapons - unless you count an intimidating stare.


Danforth is frequently paired with CJ in the brothel, and is deferential to Blue.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Danforth is played by Ron Selmour.

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