Distant Planet is one of four original animated short films commissioned and released prior to Sucker Punch to provide background material about the fantasy world of the main film. It can be seen as part of the bonus material on the Blu-ray release.

Animated StoryEdit

On a very distant planet dominated by a mechanized population, the worlds populace has been divided between the rich living in a thriving colony-like setting and the poor living in poverty and dominated by the former.  As time moved on, the poor began to rebel against their "masters" by commandeering a train, loading/arming a bomb into one of the attached cars and destroying the home of the rich.

Connection to Sucker PunchEdit

While the train was enroute to the city, three human girls boarded the train in an attempt to disarm their bomb so they could steal it and save the city.  However, one of the passengers wasn't completely neutralized and it rearmed the bomb and without enough time, their mission was aborted with one of the girls being stranded on board and killed in the explosion.


  • The robots are capable of feeling emotions such as love and sorrow.