The Doctor considers what he's done to Babydoll.

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The Doctor specializes in performing prefrontal lobotomies.

Movie StoryEdit

The Doctor is summoned to Lennox House to perform a prefrontal lobotomy on Babydoll . Unknown to him, Blue Jones has forged Dr. Vera Gorski' s signature to the order. Just before the Doctor strikes the blow to drive the spike-like knife into the girl's brain, he notices a strange look in her eyes. He described it as, "like she wanted me to do it." He wondered why Dr. Gorski would sign off on such an extreme procedure, leading to her examining the case file, and ultimately calling the police about Blue forging her signature.


The Doctor needs eyeglasses, he is unshaven and wears rumpled clothing, suggesting he has been traveling a lot. He prefers to don a tie and suspenders.


The Doctor apparently visits Lennox Hill on a fairly regular basis, so it safe to assume that he consults at other institutions as well. He says he's "been doing this for a long time."


The Doctor seems warm and caring. He pays attention to Babydoll, and was stricken by the look in her eyes as he performed her lobotomy. The experience left him shaken and questioning whether Babydoll even needed the procedure -- eventually leading to Blue being busted.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Doctor is played by Jon Hamm.