Dragon is the third short film to accompany the main movie by way of the special features and ties in the the girls' quest for fire.

Main StoryEdit

A war is waged between orcs and humans for control over a sacred beasts and their stronghold.  The knights have proven to be victorious over the orcs but the dragon has no intention of being captive by anyone, not even for the purposes of worship.  When she awoke, she proceeded to turn the entire stronghold into a place of slaughter and kill all who were present at the time.

Movie connectionEdit

When the time came for the girls to go for the flaming component of their talismans, they along with their dream guide proceeded via the sky in a transport plane to find the war still being fought.  After clearing the courtyard with a home-made bomb, three of the girls landed safely into the dropzone while the remaining two remain on board their transport and in the sky.  Despite acquiring what they went there for in the first place, they soon found that there are stil two enemies to deal with: the knights broke into the castle and the mother dragon awoke to find it's baby slain.  With her gaze fixed on the girls, she left the sacred halls and took her vengance on anything and everything in her path.  After dealing with the knights and an aerial dogfight, the mother dragon becaome trapped under a pile of rubble and met her end with a katana being stabbed into her skull.