Babydoll and Sweet Pea find their path to freedom blocked outside the brothel by a group of drivers tending to the clients' cars.

Movie StoryEdit

Having used the knife, lighter, map and key to escape from the brothel, Babydoll and Sweet Pea made their way to the courtyard outside, where they found their path the front gate blocked by group of loitering drivers. 

Babydoll realized that "the Fifth Thing" needed on her path to freedom was Babydoll herself; that the "deep sacrifice" mentioned by the Wise Man meant she should literally sacrifice herself for Sweet Pea. "Of course it's me. It's the only way this story could have ended," she said. "You [Sweet Pea] going home and living -- that's how we win." 

Babydoll then confronted the drivers and distracted them by kicking the biggest and meanest guy right in the privates, As Sweet Pea slipped out the front gate unseen, the Driver punched out Babydoll.

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