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 Feudal Warriors is the first

of four short films accompanying the main movie in the Bonus Features.


At a time in Feudal Japan, Lord Kougan (a master of the black arts) vowed to have all mortals bow before him.  To do so, he constructed an army of demonic samurai, gave them life and his conquest had begun.  Since his warriors were untouched by time, Lord Kougan sent his samurai to every sanctuary all over the world.  His intentions were to drain the sacred powers of each one in order to challenge the gods; until he came across the temple of Mount Mikasa.  Considered to be the most sacred of all sanctuaries, it was believed to hold the power of the rising sun.

Movie storyEdit

Though many warriors stood firm to face them, none prevailed; until the head-priest of the temple sent a lone warrior maiden.  Her battle against the samurai was a test of her skill by her sensei to see if he had made the correct choice and when she defeated them, he knew he did.  However, the temple was destroyed when the battle, which means that the temple's power may have also been lost.