Vera Gorski
Sucker Punch
Age 30s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Red
Eyes Blue
Species Human
Title Dance teacher
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Actor Carla Gugino

Vera Gorski is the choreographer/director in the brothel who trains the girls to dance in the Paradise Theater. She is one of the six female protagonists in this movie. Although she is knocked around by Blue Jones, she survives the events of the movie.

Movie StoryEdit

In the brothel, Madam Gorski teaches Babydoll and the other girls how to dance so they could survive the experience of working in the brothel. Vera cares very much about her young charges, and acts as a mother hen to them. This is especially clear when she finds Blondie crying in the dance studio and comforts her, and also in the dressing room before Babydoll's final performance. She actually begins to stand up to Blue on the behalf of the girls before Blondie pipes up and confesses to spilling the beans about the escape plan.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vera has red hair and a shapely body. She has a very slim waist due to the corset she wears in many of her costumes. Her outfits -- including stage costumes -- are sexier than Dr. Gorski's more professional business togs.

Film portrayalEdit

Vera is played by Carla Gugino in Sucker Punch.

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