The Mayor

The Mayor is an important local politician (presumably the mayor of a fictionalized Brattleboro, Vt.), and Blue is eager to make a good impression on him. The Mayor appears in the scene in which Amber is assigned to steal his lighter as part as their escape plan.

Movie StoryEdit

The Mayor and his entourage arrive at the brothel (as "I Want It All/We Will Rock You" is heard) for a special performance by Babydoll. He lights a fat stoogie and is met by his favorite girl, Amber, who sits on his lap. As Babydoll starts her dance, he is put under her spell and the Fire Mission begins. When the song is over, the Mayor is so impressed that he gives Babydoll a standing ovation. When he notices that his cigar has gone out, he reaches for his lighter and discovers it is missing. Presumably he complains to Blue, who asks the girls about it.

In the real world sequences, the Mayor appears as the Lighter Orderly who, while he does not wear eyeglasses, constantly fidgets with a lighter.


The Mayor is never seen without a giant cigar and his gold lighter with a dragon engraving. Until Amber steals it.


The Mayor wears thick eyeglasses, a tuxedo and a fur-trimmed top coat with hat.


Nothing is known of the Mayor's backstory, however, if he is in collusion with the operator of a brothel, it is safe to assume his administration is not completely on the level.


  • The Mayor is a regular customer of Amber's.
  • He smokes El Jefe cigars.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Mayor is played by AC Peterson

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