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The Paradise Theater is the main stage performance hall in the brothel fantasy. It also exists in the real-world version of Lennox House, where it is referred to as simply "the theater."

Lennox Theater[]

Blue Jones told Babydoll and her stepfather that the large dayroom was called the theater. It featured a stage.[1]

Paradise Theater[]

In the brothel, the Paradise Theater is a large, ornately decorated hall with a large stage, curtains, and lighted tables for patrons. The girls perform personalized dances on the stage for the amusement/enticement of the clients.[1]



  • Sweet Pea's first scene in the theater has her in a mental hospital set, wearing a blonde wig, and complaining about the dance she had to perform: "This is a joke, right? I get the sexy little schoolgirl. I even get the helpless mental patient, right? That can be hot. But what is this? Lobotomized vegetable? How about something a little more commercial, for God's sakes?" All of those are allusions to the actual plot of Sucker Punch that is unrolling.
  • Paradise is a recurring word/theme in Sucker Punch.


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