The Paradise Theater is the main stage performance hall in the brothel reality. It also exists in the real-world version of Lennox House, where it is referred to as simply "the theater."

The TheaterEdit

Blue Jones tells Babydoll and her Stepfather that the large dayroom is called the theater. It features a stage.

Paradise TheaterEdit

In the brothel, the Paradise Theater is a large, ornately decorated hall with a large stage, curtains and lighted tables for patrons. The girls perform personalized dances on the stage for the amusement/enticement of the clients.

Photo GalleryEdit


  • Sweet Pea's first scene in the theater has her in a mental hospital set, wearing a blonde wig, and complaining about the dance she had to perform: "This is a joke, right? I get the sexy little schoolgirl. I even get the helpless mental patient, right? That can be hot. But what is this? Lobotomized vegetable? How about something a little more commercial, for God's sakes?". All of those are allusions to the actual plot of Sucker Punch that is unrolling.