A poster is a printed paper product designed to hang vertically and display graphic and/or textual material. In the case of Sucker Punch, these posters are designed to promote the movie with eye-catching images.

Sucker Punch employed a number of types of posters:

"Advance" or "Teaser" posters:Edit

Designed to create buzz before the movie opened

Character Posters:Edit

Designed to showcase the ensemble or individual characters before or after release. 

One-Sheet Posters:Edit

Featuring the main advertising image and the movie's "Billing Block" -- the names of the stars and production information that adorns the bottom of the poster, usually issued just before a movie opens.


While technically not posters, standees -- cardboard advertisements that when assembled represent the movie in three dimensions -- qualifies for this page because many standees depict characters or poster art in three dimensions.

Lobby Cards:Edit

See the Lobby Cards page.

Advance PostersEdit

One SheetEdit

Character PostersEdit

Promo ArtEdit


Foreign PostersEdit