The Wise Man sends Babydoll on a quest to gather five items to help her obtain her freedom.

List of ItemsEdit

  • Map - needed to find where the exits are
  • Fire - needed as a distraction; plus the fire alarms would disable the checkpoints
  • Knife - needed in case they ran into trouble
  • Key - to unlock all the doors
  • Mystery - requires a "deep sacrifice"

Movie StoryEdit

When Babydoll journeys to the Temple, she tells the Wise Man she is looking for "a way out." He sets her on a quest to gather five items to help her obtain her freedom: a map, fire, a knife, a key and... an unknown final item. He tells her: "You will need five items for this journey. The first is a map, then fire, a knife and a key. The fifth thing is a mystery. It is the reason; it is the goal. It will be a deep sacrifice and a perfect victory. Only you can find it. And if you do, it will set you free."

The girls must overcome obstacles to attain the quest items:

  • Map: A copy of the map of Lennox House must be stolen from Blue Jones' office. This is acted out in the World War I fantasy.
  • Fire: A lighter must be stolen from an orderly. To accomplish this, the team assaults a medieval castle to kill a baby dragon for the fire crystals in its throat.
  • Knife: A knife must be stolen from the Cook in the kitchen. The team tries to steal a bomb from a moving train on a distant planet.
  • Key: Blue carries a master key for Lennox House on a chain around his neck. Babydoll stabs Blue with the knife and takes the key from him.
  • Mystery Item: Babydoll must make a great sacrifice: herself.

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