Robots are the antagonists of The Train Sequence.


In the Splastk short film "Distant Planet," the robots are shown to actually have human feelings, instead of simply being programmed to protect the train as depicted in the film. It tells the story of a robot in the poor, deprived section of the futuristic city on the other side of the floating tracks. Because of the violent means used to suppress the poor robots, the lead character joins up in loading the bomb onto the train and taking it over. As Babydoll, Rocket, and Sweet Pea take over the train, the robot views a hologram of a female robot, presumably the wife he left behind, and gets ready to fight the girls off. By the clips shown immediatly after the short ends, it is presumed the robot was the first one shot in the head by Rocket.


  • The Robots are seen in trailer two, in which Babydoll shoots one in the head.

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