This article focuses on Stepfather's real world persona. For his Brothel reality counterpart, see Stepfather (Brothel).
Sucker Punch
Age 30s - 40s
Birthplace Unknown; presumably Brattleboro, Vermont
Hair Color Bald
Eyes Green
Species Human (actual world)
Undead Soldier (WWI fantasy)
Title Stepfather
Relatives Babydoll's Mother - Wife
Babydoll's Sister - Stepdaughter
Babydoll - Stepdaughter
Status Alive
Actor Gerard Plunkett

Babydoll's' Stepfather' is one of the antagonist of Sucker Punch. He is responsible for committing Babydoll to Lennox House.


When first seen, the Stepfather is standing in the doorway leading to the master bedroom where his wife (Babydoll's mother) has just died. At first he may have seemed sad, but there is a suggestion that he may have in fact murdered her (possibly in collusion with the Grim Doctor). After the burial, he located his wife's will, read it and discovered that he was left with nothing; everything went to Babydoll and her sister. In a fit of rage, he pulled out a bottle of rum, got drunk and attacked his stepdaughters. He started with Babydoll, but she scratched his face in their struggle. Stepfather locks Babydoll in her room and turns his attentions to her sister -- who locks herself in her closet. He kicks in the door, but before he can do the child any harm, a distraught Babydoll appears, brandishing his .45 pistol; she shoots at him, but the round riccochets and kills Babydoll's sister by mistake. Distraught, she again turns on her Stepfather, who is calling the police. He pleads for his life and she runs off.

Stepfather and the police find Baby at her mother's grave and he lies to the cops while they apprehend her. Stepfather drives her to the hospital in his car. Upon arrival, he fills out a form for her admission and conspires with Blue Jones to see to it that she doesn't remember anything -- thanks to a lobotomy. While the original bribe was $1,400, Blue reminds Stepfather that he's taking a huge risk and ups the ante to $2,000. He also explains that nobody at the hospital specializes lobotomies, but there is a doctor scheduled to arrive in five days' time. Blue forges Dr. Vera Gorski's signature (having done so many times before) to authorize the procedure.

Stepfather is mentioned one final time at the end of the film, when Blue confesses everything that Stepfather did, including bribery and potentially the murder of Babydoll's mother.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stepfather is overweight and bald. He is in his late 40s, and has scars from Babydoll's scratches on his face. He was also shot in the arm by Babydoll.


Filled with barely contained rage and uncontainable greed, the Stepfather can be ruthless with his stepchildren and cunning in arranging crooked deals. However, he is impulsive -- he should have checked his wife's will before (potentially) murdering her.



Main Article: Babydoll and Stepfather

Babydoll and her Stepfather have a dysfunctional relationship after her mother's death. The mother left all of her money to the girls, making him attack them. He is the one who put Babydoll in Lennox House. He was cruel to the end of their relationship.

Babydoll's SisterEdit

She, like Babydoll, had a dysfunctional relationship with her Stepfather, and was attacked by him.

Babydoll's MotherEdit

Nothing was shown of this relationship, but she left all of her money to the girls, suggesting she did not trust her husband. It is possible he killed his wife.

Blue JonesEdit

Main Article: Blue Jones and Stepfather

"It's not me you want, it's her Stepfather!"
―Blue trying to blame the Stepfather before he gets arrested.

Stepfather and Blue where co-conspirators in committing his stepdaughter to the sanitarium and silencing her.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Gerard Plunkett portrays Stepfather.

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Throughout the story, Stepfather has commited these crimes:

  • Assault of Babydoll
  • Unlawful imprisonment of Babydoll
  • Assault of youngest stepdaughter
  • Intentional infliction of emotional harm on stepdaughters
  • Obstruction of justice: Lying to police about Babydoll's culpability in her sister's death
  • Sex-trafficking
  • Murder of his wife?