Vanessa Hudgens and her stunt double, Ming Qiu

Sucker Punch relies heavily on a crack stunt team to perform fights, leaps, crashes and work amid dangerous explosions. 

Choreographers & CoordinatorsEdit

Only Damon Caro was credited onscreen.

Damon Caro: Fight choreographer/stunt coordinator

Tim Rigby: co-stunt coordinator (uncredited)

Matthew Rugetti: co-fight choreographer (uncredited)

Ryan Watson: co-fight choreographer (uncredited)

Stunt DoublesEdit

The stunt doubles for the principle actors were not credited onscreen. Of the main actresses, only Jamie Chung did not have a designated stunt double, most likely because the script did not call for her character to be as physical as the others.

The (uncredited) stunt doubles were:

Heidi Moneymaker: Emily Browning

Shauna Duggins: Abbie Cornish

Samantha Jo: Jena Malone

Ming Qiu: Vanessa Hudgens

Stunt Team

The following is a full list of stunt performers who worked on Sucker Punch in both credited and uncredited capacities:

Loyd Bateman — stunt performer

Hubert Bourden — Stunt actor

Freddy Bouciegues — stunt performer

Damon Caro — fight choreographer/stunt coordinator

Alex Chiang — stunts

Lateef Crowder — stunts

Wayne Dalglish — stunts

Shauna Duggins — stunts

Guillermo Grispo — utility stunts

Adrian Hein — stunts

Daniel Hernandez — stunts

Brian Ho — stunt performer

Brian Imada — stunts

Allen Jo — stunt performer

Mike Justus — stunt performer

Harry Lam — stunt performer

Don Lew — stunts

Darren S. McGuire — stunts

James Michalopolous — stunts

Heidi Moneymaker — stunts

Matt Rugetti — stunts

Sam Tzhia — stunts

Ryan Watson — stunts

Paul Wu — stunts 

Shawn Beaton — utility stunts (uncredited)

Nick Brandon — stunts (uncredited)

James M. Churchman — stunts (uncredited)

Shauna Duggins — stunt double: Abbie Cornish (uncredited)

Samantha Jo — stunt double: Jena Malone (uncredited)

Heidi Moneymaker — stunt double: Emily Browning (uncredited)

Ming Qiu — stunt double: Vanessa Hudgens (uncredited)

Kai Hirvonen — stunt rigger (uncredited)

Paul Leonard — stunts (uncredited)

Tim Rigby — co-stunt coordinator (uncredited)

Matthew Rugetti — co-fight choreographer (uncredited)

Ryan Watson — co-fight choreographer (uncredited) 

Weapons CoordinatorEdit

Ryan Stacey was the weapons coordinator or armorer, handling firearms, overseeing safety and helping choreograph action involving firearms on the set. He also served as armorer on director Zack Snyder's Watchme (2009).