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Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea dancing outfit
Age 20s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Reddish blonde
Eyes Blue-ish Green
Species Human
Title Dancer
Relatives Sister: Rocket (Dead)
Status Alive
Actor Abbie Cornish

Sweet Pea is one of the main characters in Sucker Punch

Movie Story

Upon meeting babydoll

Upon Meeting Babydoll.

Sweet Pea is Rocket's older sister. She followed Rocket when she ran away from home and ended up at Lennox House. In the end she was the only one who managed to escape. Thanks to Babydoll's plan, Sweet Pea is able to board a bus at the Brattleboro bus station driven by an incarnation of the Wise Man, who protects her from some suspicious state troopers. She then embarks on the road home.


Before 4th tier

Being protective of Rocket by helping with another object.

Sweet Pea is protective by nature, and is understandably wary of risking everything in a fight against the system. She is a bit bossy and controlling, but loves her little sister more than anything. A strong, imposing warrior, she is prepared to sacrifice herself for the safety of others. Perhaps the Wise Man was her Guardian Angel!

Physical appearance

Sweet Pea has long strawberry blonde hair. She also has green eyes and distinctive nose features. She resembles her sister, Rocket.


Sweet Pea's outfit

Sweet Pea's screen-worn outfit.

Sweet Pea's costume is the most medieval of the girls', resembling a sort of cross between a nun and an avenging angel. Befitting her religious inspiration, a long strand of prayer beads hangs from her belt. Her costume features a one-sleeve, faux-leather hooded jacket with long tails and a lace-up front. Her left shoulder is protected by a piece of armor, and she wears black fingerless gloves. Sweet Pea's also features skimpy back shorts and black thigh-highs.


Sweet Pea has unnamed parents that she ran away from despite having no anger towards them in order to pursue Rocket.


"There are armed guards everywhere! And if Blue finds out, we're dead!"

"We're already dead."

-Sweet Pea and Rocket arguing

Rocket and Sweet Pea ended up in the asylum because Sweet Pea followed Rocket away from home and into trouble in an attempt to protect her. Sweet Pea, similar to Babydoll, is fiercely protective of her sister. The relationship between Sweet Pea and Rocket is the most well-defined in the film. Sweet Pea suffers the most from the loss of Rocket, not least because she told her little sister just before they embarked on the Train fantasy, "I'm here to keep you from getting killed." Ironically, Rocket died protecting Sweet Pea from being killed.


Sweet Pea and Baby are view as equals in command, because while Sweet Pea is older, she is  following Baby's escape plan, however reluctantly. As the story progresses the two become friends. At the end of Sucker Punch Babydoll sacrifices herself so Sweet Pea can escape.


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Fighting Style

In close combat Sweet Pea favors a knightly long sword as well as the occasional shotgun and automatic weapons.



Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Sweet Pea Featurette (Abbie Cornish)

Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Sweet Pea Featurette (Abbie Cornish)

Meet Sweet Pea

Film portrayal

Sweet Pea is played by Abbie Cornish.