Unable to deal with the harsh reality of life as an asylum inmate slated for lobotomy, Babydoll staves off the destruction of her mind by imagining Lennox House transformed into a brothel in which her fellow inmates have become dancers and prostitutes enslaved by cruel gangster/pimp Blue Jones.

Instead of a psychiatrist, Dr. Vera Gorski is now the dance mistress/madam of the cathouse, in charge of teaching the girls the dance routines to be performed onstage in the Paradise Theater, designed to make them more desirable to the clientele. 

The BuildingEdit

The brothel is a reimagining of Lennox House with a brighter, more colorful design – but the girls are still not allowed to leave, making them prisoners in a gilded cage. The brothel has many specialty rooms to which the girls can take their clients and earn their money behind closed doors.

Escaping BondageEdit

Madam Gorski also has a secret goal: She teaches the girls how to survive working for Blue by using dance to “escape” the horrible reality of the dancehall. Her most successful pupil is Babydoll, who has the ability to alter the reality of others around her when she dances. Babydoll transports Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber with her into other realms of existence. As part of her plan to escape, Babydoll takes the girls to The Cathedral, The Castle and The Train.

Photo GalleryEdit