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Castle upon entering "Fire" quest.

The Castle is the primary scene in the third tier of the fantasy world as well as the short film "Dragon". Upon arrival, the girls had to go in, fight an army of orcs, kill a baby dragon dragon and retieve two fire crystals in its neck while trying not to wake its mother. Amber and Blondie remained on their transport plane while Babydoll, Rocket and Sweet Pea went in to complete their mission.

However, things go slightly awry when the mother wakes up after her baby is slain and the crystals stolen. Enraged, she tries to kill anything in her path. She even goes as far as taking flight and following the B-25, engaging in aerial combat against Amber and Blondie. While attacking the tail of the plane, Blondie barely managed to avoid being eaten by doing backflips into the cockpit, The mother was forced to the ground, where she met her end when Babydoll stabbed her katana into the dragon's skull.

Song played: "Search and Destroy"

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