The Cook
Vital Statistics
Age 45 (approx)
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Brownish
Eyes Brown
Species Human
Title Lennox House Cook
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Actor Malcolm Scott

The Cook is a supporting character and antagonist.

He works in the kitchen at Lennox House, an asylum for girls in Brattleboro, Vt.

Movie StoryEdit

The Cook has an unsavory interest in Rocket, one of the girls committed to Lennox House who works in the kitchen. After he catches Rocket attempting to steal a piece of unsweetened chocolate from the larder, he strikes her and tries to rape her; he is stopped when Babydoll, hearing Rocket's cries for help, arrives and holds one of Cook's own knives to his neck,  threatening to slit his throat unless he frees Rocket. Together, the girls flee, leaving the knife behind.

Later, Babydoll, Rocket, Sweet Pea and Amber try to steal one of Cook's knives while he is under the influence of Babydoll's dance and Rocket is seductively sitting on his lap. Unfortunately, spilled liquid shorts out the frayed power cord of the radio supplying the music ("Tomorrow Never Knows") for Babydoll's dance, breaking the spell. As Cook comes to, he catches Sweet Pea trying to steal a knife from his belt, He leaps to his feet (unknowlingly pushing the power cord away from the puddle) and strikes her down. As he attempts to stab her, Rocket jumps in front of Sweat Pea to shield her. The music suddenly resumes, and so does the mission on the Train. When the song ends, it is revealed that Cook has fatally stabbed Rocket in the stomach. She tells her sister to tell their mother that she loves her, and then dies in Sweet Pea's arms.

Blue, C.J. and Danforth break in and discover what has happened. A furious Blue screams at Cook, who cowers in apologetic fear.

At the end of the movie, when a lobotomized Babydoll is led past the kitchen, Cook looks at her, rubbing an empty knife holster on his belt.

Personal DetailsEdit

  • Little is known about the mostly silent Cook; his given name is not mentioned onscreen.
  • As Blue beat the Cook after he stabbed Rocket, he called the Cook "inbred." It is unknown of this insult reflects the true circumstances of Cook's conception.
  • The Cook is proficient with all manner of knives.


  • The Cook is a generally surly and unfriendly presence who grumbles at others -- when he isn't leering at Rocket -- but is dedicated to his job and usually seen chopping meat or onions.
  • Chefrocket

    Cook tries to rape Rocket.

    Cook has a salacious interest in Rocket, and appears not to notice the other girls in the same way.
  • Cook is frightened of Blue, cowering from his boss's anger.
  • The Cook is never seen outside his kitchen.


  • The Cook has a very ruddy complexion with poor skin, little hair, and he is obese; a huge, strong and very menacing physical presence.
  • Cook is usually scowling -- when he isn't making figurative kissy-faces at Rocket.
  • He wears a grimy white uniform with a hat, a usually-dirty apron and a battered leather belt equipped with holsters for two carving knives.


  • Carving knives (two)
  • Meat cleaver

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Rocketdies

    Rocket dies after being stabbed by the Cook.

    Assault of Rocket
  • Attempted rape of Rocket
  • Assault of Sweet Pea
  • Attempted murder of Sweet Pea
  • Murder of Rocket

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Cook is played by Malcolm Scott.