The High Roller
High Roller
Age 40s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Species Human
Title Wealthy brothel client
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Actor Jon Hamm

See Also: Doctor

The High Roller is a minor character in Sucker Punch; he only appears twice in the theatrical release. He has a much more substantial role in the Director's Cut of the movie, in which he purchases Babydoll and has an encounter with her. The High Roller is a very wealthy client of the brothel, one who is willing to pay the highest prices for the best in quality. At a modern casino, he would be called a whale.

Movie StoryEdit

In the real world version of Babydoll's story, Blue Jones and Babydoll's Stepfather plot to have a Doctor lobotomize Babydoll so that she can be blamed for the death of her sister. In Babydoll's brothel reality, the Doctor is reimagined as a wealthy client at the club known as The High Roller. In the theatrical version of the film, he is seen only briefly, taking a seat in the showroom before Babydoll's final performance.

Alternate VersionEdit

The director's cut of the movie contains a scene in which Babydoll is presented to the High Roller, and they have a very intimate conversation. He notes that while he has purchased the right to take her virginity, he wants her to give it to him freely, "Not because you have to, but because you want to." In return for her gift, he will grant her freedom from want, fear, guilt, pain and everything else. Just as Babydoll consents to him, in the real world the Doctor delivers the hammer blow that lobotomizes her -- freeing her from her life of guilt and pain.


Actor PortrayalEdit

The High Roller is played by Jon Hamm in Sucker Punch

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