The Temple is the first location in Babydoll's alternate realities. She acquires her mission and weapons, and she also meets The Wise Man. Here she fights the three giant Samurai Warriors. It is also revealed here that she uses a power (snow manipulation).  The temple is also the final setting of the short film "Feudal Warriors".


When Babydoll first opens up her mind and begins to lose herself in the experience of the dance, the boundaries of her reality blur even more than they already have. She finds herself standing before an immense Japanese temple in the midst of gently swirling snow flurries. Inside she encounters a Wise Man, who gets her to realize that she wants to escape more than anything. Toward the end, he imparts to her two crucial things: a list of talismans she'll need to break out of Lennox House, and the weapons she'll need to acquire the talismans.

The five talismans are a Map, Fire, a Knife, a Key, and an unknown fifth item. He offers her no explanation of how they are supposed to be used, nor how to be obtained. Her weapons include a custom-made .45 automatic -- eerily similar to the one involved in her recently tragedy back home -- and a Japanese sword with unusual markings. Etched into its fine blade are symbols of Babydoll's journey, from the happier days of her childhood, through the dark times are ahead.

But now, the only things between her and continuing on that journey are three gargantuan samurai wielding a variety of weaponry. The Wise Man vanishes, and she is left to face them alone.

Song played: "Army of Me"

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