The Train is the primary setting of the fourth and final tier of the fantasy realm in Sucker Punch, as well as the short film "Distant Planet."

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The girls are ordered to get a bomb (codenamed "Kitchen Knife") off a train to prevent it from being used to destroy a City. After the Wise Man's mission briefing, Amber flew the others (minus Blondie, who was not present) via helicopter to the Train to eliminate its Robot protectors,disarm the bomb and then steal it.

During the fight, Sweet Pea's shotgun gets broken, so she has to switch to her assault rifle as Rocket took a punch to the face. Eventually, the robots were eliminated and Amber brought the helicopter into position to lift the bomb out of the train after the others disarmed it. However, things went horribly wrong when a robot that wasn't completely destroyed reactivated the bomb and knocked Rocket against a wall. There was no way to diactivate the bomb again, so the mission had to be aborted and the girls had to evacuate the train as it drew closer to the city, where a proximity sensor was programmed to detonate the bomb.

Rocket's Jet pack had been damaged by the rogue robot, and she didn't want anyone to get hurt trying to save her, so Rocket fired her pistol to cut the line and send Babydoll back to the helicopter. Sweet Pea tried to convince Rocket that could both escape using her jetpack. Rocket knew her sister's jetpack wouldn't be able to carry both of them, so she activated Sweet Pea's jetpack to send her away from the train. Rocket remained behind as the train arrived at the city and the bomb detonated, killing her and destroying the city.

Just as Rocket died in the fantasy realm, she also died in the brothel when the Cook's knife plunged into her stomach as she was shielding his intended target, her sister Sweet Pea.

Song played: "Tomorrow Never Knows" by Carla Azar.

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