The Trenches is a short film. This is the second of four short films to accompany the main movie via bonus features.

Primary storyEdit

During WWI, several german soldiers who had fallen in battle were collected not for burial but for experimentation with the use of steam and clockworks.  The main one the story follows is one man with what appears to be a locket he keeps with him at all times.  Inside the locket is a photo of his wife and child; when he was shot and killed during the war, he too was collected with the rest of his comrades.  Upon which, the experiments that took place served the purpose of reanimation in order to return them to the battlefield and take down their enemies.  However, the results left them not entirely human anymore; merely reanimated shells of their former shells.

Movie storyEdit

Beggining at the ruins of a church, the undead troops that were made from the experiments were gathered by their Colonel in order to prevent four young warrior maidens and their pilot under orders from their general from stealing a map carried by a Courier.  Despite their sheer numbers, they failed to stop the girls from accomplishing their mission and their entire army was defeated with their map being confiscated by the girls for their own purposes.