The Wise Man
The Wise Man
Age N/A
Birthplace N/A
Hair Color Gray
Eyes Brown
Species Human
Title Dream world guide; Bus driver
Relatives Unknown
Status As bus driver, alive; as dream guide, unknown
Actor Scott Glenn

The Wise Man in Sucker Punch is a guiding force for the girls and appears as a martial arts master, general, and bus driver throughout the film. He is fond of giving apparently random advice.

First Role: Samurai Swordsmith/Martial Arts MasterEdit

He appeared as a Japanese Sword-smith sitting inside temple in the 1st Dreamworld. He disappeared after presenting Babydoll with a Samurai Sword and a M1911 along with ammunition in a wooden box.

Second Role: British GeneralEdit

The Wise Man next appears as a British general who briefs the girls in the ruins of a cathedral. Accompanying the girls into a nearby trench, he then used a scoped Springfield rifle to eliminate an enemy gunner and his spotter to help the girls traverse No-Man's Land with one less machine gun nest. He is not seen again as a British general.

Third Role: American OfficerEdit

Aboard the B-25 plane, the Wise Man gives the girls their mission to steal the crystals from the baby dragon's neck. He also helps clear the girls' landing zone by dropping a homemade bomb into the the castle courtyard.

Fourth Role: Intelligence OfficerEdit

On an unnamed planet/moon, the Wise Man assigns the girls to steal a bomb, codenamed "Kitchen Knife," from a moving train.

Fifth Role: Bus DriverEdit

The Wise Man drives the bus that carries Sweet Pea out of Brattleboro and on her path home.  As she boards his coach at the bus station, she's stopped by two state troopers and he asks if there's a problem.  He's very generous in giving her an alibi saying that she's been on board since Hartford, Conn., allowing her off to use the ladies room since the one on the bus doesn't work and that she's been a delightful passenger.  After the officers leave and Sweet Pea boards without a ticket, he says it's okay telling her to find a seat in the back and try to get some sleep since it'll be a long journey. The bus pulls out of the station and passes a sign advertising the Paradise Diner.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Wise Man is played by Scott Glenn.

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